Kicking Off with Success: A Recap of the Athlete Plus Scholarship Talent Combine Day 1

The Athlete Plus Scholarship Talent Combine in Amman kicked off with a resounding success, as over 130 athletes came together to showcase their talent and potential. The event started with the registration forms and jersey handouts, where the athletes were able to get their paperwork sorted and their Athlete Plus gear ready.


Following the registration, an opening ceremony was held where A+ General Manager, Momir Gajic talked about the event and what we want athletes to gain from it. He emphasized the significance of the event in helping the athletes and their families, stating that the Talent Combine was aimed at providing a platform for the athletes to showcase their skills, gain skills and become familiar with new scholarship opportunities.

After the opening ceremony, the physical and skill assessments began. The athletes were put through a series of drills and exercises to test their speed, agility, strength, and endurance. They were also assessed on their technical abilities, such as dribbling, passing and shooting. The assessments were conducted by experienced Athlete Plus team of coaches and trainers who provided valuable feedback to the athletes.


Finally, the day 1 of our Amman Combine concluded with a game demo with U18 boys group led by Coach Showalter. In this demo, specific game situations were simulated, and the players were taught on how to react to them. The coach worked on enhancing the players’ game awareness and decision-making skills.

Overall, the first day of the Athlete Plus Scholarship Talent Combine in Amman was a huge success. The athletes showed incredible enthusiasm and dedication, and everyone on our team did an outstanding job in ensuring everything ran smoothly. With more days to go, the event promises to be an exciting and enriching experience for all the participants. We look forward to seeing the athletes progress and excel in every way.