Elevating Basketball Talent in the Canary Islands

Welcome to Canterbury Academy, a renowned basketball institution nestled in the stunning Canary Islands. Get ready for an exciting skills camp happening this summer from July 3rd to 14th. Led by esteemed coaches, this camp promises an exceptional learning experience for young basketball enthusiasts.

Let’s explore the rich history and impressive achievements of Canterbury Academy, recognized as the premier non-ACB team in Spain.

Canterbury Academy boasts a legacy of excellence, participating in esteemed Spanish national tournaments year after year. Their commitment to player development and outstanding coaching has produced numerous Division 1 players, solidifying their reputation as a premier basketball institution.

The academy’s exceptional U18 program has garnered acclaim as one of the finest in Europe. Focusing on technical proficiency, tactical acumen, and physical conditioning, this program equips young athletes with the necessary skills to excel in the sport, laying a strong foundation for their basketball careers.

The skills camp is led by esteemed coaches who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the training environment. With their unique ability to connect with players on a personal level, they create a nurturing atmosphere where growth, learning, and enjoyment thrive.

Canterbury School banner

Santi Aldama stands as a testament to Canterbury Academy’s success. Having spent 13 transformative years at the academy before progressing to a prestigious U.S. college and subsequently the NBA, Aldama exemplifies the caliber of players that emerge from Canterbury Academy. His remarkable journey showcases the academy’s unwavering dedication to nurturing young athletes into world-class basketball talents.

The Canterbury Academy Skills Camp presents an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring basketball players to receive top-tier coaching, refine their skills, and immerse themselves in the vibrant basketball culture of the Canary Islands. With a legacy of excellence, a proven track record of producing Division 1 players, and a U18 program revered as one of Europe’s finest, Canterbury Academy continues to elevate the sport and pave the way to success for ambitious athletes.

Join us this summer from July 3rd to 14th and embark on a transformative basketball journey with Canterbury Academy.