Dear Parent / Guardian,

It is an honor that you have chosen Athlete Plus scholarship consulting services.

The purpose of this message is to inform you about following:

1. Free Athlete Assessment – Based on the information provided (athletic & academic) by Athlete or Parent/Guardian, Athlete Plus team creates an internal athlete profile determining possible scholarship opportunities.

2. Based on the assessment provided by Athlete Plus team, Parent/Guardian can choose to accept Athlete Plus Scholarship Consulting Service which consists of promoting and generating scholarship offers from academic and athletic institutions as well as assisting with application and visa process.

3. Scholarship offers generated through Athlete Plus consultancy may be full or partial depending on academic/athletic institution needs, level of talent and academic results.

3. Athlete Plus consultancy fee for matchmaking a student-athlete with a High School or Sports Academy is US $4,000 and the matchmaking fee for College / University is US $5,000. (Different payment plans available)

4. Please keep in mind that Athlete Plus consultancy fee does not include additional cost that may occur such as: school application, visa application, travel costs, boarding & school costs, tuition fees, student-athlete stipend and other.

Thank you for choosing Athlete Plus!