Veszprém, Hungary



Athlete Plus, a scholarship consulting agency, and Veszprém Basketball Club from Hungary are partnering to form new possibilities for youth basketball players.

The partnership is built on a shared commitment to create an environment that helps young athletes develop their skills both on and off the court. Athlete Plus and Veszprém BC will be organizing webinars and showcases where Hungarian youth basketball players can show off their abilities to coaches from around the world. In addition, we will be bringing together experts in both sports psychology and academic tutoring to help athletes gain confidence in their abilities both on the court and in the classroom. Finally, we will be holding summer camps where kids can learn more about what it takes to become a student-athlete while also gaining leadership skills through fun activities such as team building exercises and community service projects.

Starting in January 2023, two organizations will work on developing a Veszprém Athlete Plus Academy that will provide basketball and academic development opportunity to athletes all over the world.

April 7, 2023

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First ever European summer prep

July 2023

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Veszprém Basketball Club was founded in 2008, and it continues and raises the work of its predecessors since 1951 to an even higher level, both in terms of the first team and the youth. As a result, the economical background and the community power of sports offer much greater opportunities than ever before.

The goal of the club is to always find the answer to the challenges of the 21st century, to be ahead of their rivals with a modern, future-oriented thinking, operating on a business basis in the world of Hungarian sports as much as possible, while promoting and raising basketball to the highest possible level in the region.









Veszprém City

Veszprém, city of county status and seat of Veszprém county, western Hungary. It lies along the Séd Creek, spanned there by a viaduct, in the Bakony Mountains, southwest of Budapest.

The town already had a cathedral and castle in the 9th century. The city is built on five hills and contains many historical and architectural monuments: ancient houses, the Cathedral of St. Michael, the Gizella Chapel with valuable 13th-century frescoes, the Baroque bishop’s palace, the Franciscan cloister and the fortress with its Heroes’ Gate.

The city is a road, rail, market and tourism center thanks to its perfect location: 15 km away from the most popular summer destination Lake Balaton, just like from the ski resort Eplény, and only 100 km away from capital city Budapest.

City is located only 15km away from the Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe and Hungary, and the most important tourist center in Hungary after Budapest. Lake Balaton and its surroundings offer entertainment and recreation opportunities all year round. In summer, water lovers can enjoy its internationally recognized beaches, while water sports enthusiasts will also find their opportunities.

The University of Pannonia was founded in 1949 and is organized in five faculties: Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Agriculture, Economics and Information Technology. The city’s industrial sector includes automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics, food-processing, construction, and information technology industries.

Veszprém is famous about its cultural and sports life as having nice museums, two theatres and many sports clubs, focusing especially on ball games and achieving great successes in the Hungarian top competitions.